16 August 2018
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Fiapay launches its Stellar-based testnet
A fully collateralized XDR token is just a few weeks away

Today we are excited to announce the launch of Fiapay Testnet, a sandbox environment showcasing the use of XDR tokens.

We are inviting you to test-drive our hosted wallet today by registering at Once registered, you should fund your account by sending Testnet Bitcoin. Fiapay will convert BTC for you - at an actual live exchange rate - into XDR tokens, which you can then send to others, taking full advantage of the speed and convenience of the Stellar network. For every XDR created using Fiapay, we will hold a standard basket of USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and CNY in the same proportions as prescribed by the IMF. For our test environment, we simulate XDR, BTC, and other currencies using Testnets and brokers' sandboxes. However, in our upcoming live release, every XDR will be fully backed by the five constituent fiat currencies.

Our immediate goal is to engage with the broader Stellar community and to solicit your feedback to our idea and the app. Thus far we have only implemented basic functionality, designed to allow experimentation with the tokens. We also want to comprehensively test our trading algorithms that maintain a constant peg between the token and the basket of currencies constituting XDR. We will be very grateful for any feedback, whether on this forum or by contacting us directly at beta [at] fiapay [.] com.

As a bonus, everyone who signs up (you can use a pseudonym) for a Testnet account and makes at least three transactions before the 1st of September 2018, will be invited to an early release of the live XDR wallet in September.

To sign up:

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29 August 2018
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