Love Bitcoin,
hate volatility?

Fiapay has the solution. We’re giving you the option to keep your balances in XDR, a basket of traditional currencies designed to lower the risks of currency fluctuation. You can also still receive and send payments in Bitcoin.

  • Access your money from your mobile phone, any time, anywhere.

  • We keep your balances in XDR, a stable basket of five major currencies.

  • Send XDR to anyone in the world, using their email or mobile number - instantly and for free!

What is XDR?

XDR or Special Drawing Rights is the unit of account of the International Monetary Fund created in 1969 to facilitate settlements among its member states. A very stable unit of exchange by design, XDR has always been the domain of Central Banks - until now. The technology revolution is putting a commercial version of XDR in your hands.


As a fixed basket of US Dollar, Euro, Pound, Yen, and Yuan, XDR maintains its value even when its individual components hit a turbulent patch.


It is easy to calculate the value of XDR against any currency by multiplying each currency’s weighting within the XDR basket by its respective exchange rate.

Is it right for me?
  • house
    Meet Kira,

    Kira is a software developer and lives in a big city. Sending money back home has always been expensive, but also a bit confusing due to the ever-changing currency rates. Not anymore. Sending XDR to other people is free and there is no need to convert. Just let your loved ones keep their balances in XDR without worrying about currency volatility.

  • pizza
    Meet Luca,

    He’s a food critic and travels the world in relentless pursuit of that one perfect dish. Spending in XDR makes it easier for him to keep track of his expenses and to compare prices across countries and continents, all in one stable currency. A mobile wallet is just what this stickler for detail needs. Did we mention that he hates paper money?

  • airport
    Meet Kim,

    Kim is a commercial pilot and spends his waking hours up in the air. Literally. If you ask him where he lives, he’ll tell you, ‘somewhere between HKG and CDG’ - whatever that means. There is one thing Kim simply has no time for, and that is keeping track of all the various currencies in his wallet. With XDR he no longer has to.

Where do i begin?
Open your account online in
a matter of minutes:
  • Download our app
    We currently support Android devices (while working on the rest). For your own protection, there are some minimal technical requirements.
  • Register online
    We will ask for your name, date of birth, and country of residence. We will also ask you to take a picture of your passport.
  • Confirming your account
    Once your account is approved, we will send you a confirmation e-mail with further instructions – then you’re all set!
in use
Using your wallet
  • Funding your account is easy:

    Use the app to generate a one-time Bitcoin address and fund it with BTC.

    Or have one of your friends send you XDR directly, using your e-mail address or mobile number instead of an account number.

  • Paying out is just as simple:

    You can send XDR to anyone with an Android phone (we will invite them to open an account if they haven’t got one already).

    Or make a bitcoin payment to anyone with a bitcoin address, right from the app.

    We are planning to offer an XDR-denominated payment card soon.

Safety of your funds and personal data is the highest priority for us.

Safety of your funds and personal data is our top priority. All communications between your device and our servers are encrypted using the strongest commercially available algorithms (which, regretfully, makes our product unavailable for older Android devices).

All incoming Bitcoin payments are secured by BitGo TM and once confirmed, are immediately converted into the five constituent currencies of XDR. These currencies are then held by us to ensure that we maintain the value of every XDR we issue.

We carefully screen all of our customers using a third-party verification service to fight money-laundry and fraud. We want you to benefit from a safe and secure environment.